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Resolution of the Parliament of Georgia on
the Foreign Policy of Georgia

The Parliament of Georgia declares the following strategic priorities of Georgia:

1. The main goal of the foreign policy of Georgia is to reaffirm the sovereignity of the country, de-occupation and peaceful restoration of the terrirtorial integrity within the internationally recognized borders of Georgia, through reconciliation and confidence building of the population divided by the occupation lines, and by means of consolidation of support of the international community;

2. In order to implement the foreign-political goals, Georgia continues to further sthrengthen democratic institutions. The endeavors of the authorities will be directed towards enhancing Georgia’s image at the international arena as a stable and secure country and a regional leader in terms of the democratic reforms;

3. Georgia’s key priority is the membership of the European Union. Georgian Authorities continue the timely and efficient implementation of the Association Agreement, including the component of the deep and comprehensive free trade agreement and association agrenda and consistent institutional approximation with the European Union. The Georgian Authorities will deepen bilateral and multiletaral strategic partnership with the European countries. Georgia will continue its way towards full integration in the European Union. The Association Agreement is not the ultimate goal of the relations between Georgia and the European Union. Based on Article 49 of the Treaty of the European Union, Georgia aspires towards the membership of the European Union;

4. Georgia’s main priority is the membership of the NATO. The Georgian authorities will continue purposeful activities for practical enforcement of the decision, adopted in 2008 at the NATO Bucharest Summit by the allies that “Georgia will become a NATO member”. All practical intruments (NATO-Georgia Commision, Annual National Program, NATO-Georgia “Substantial Package”) and the institutional mechanisms will be applied as part of the scope of Georgia’s integration in the NATO. By means of implementation of NATO-Georgia “Substantial Package” , defence capabilities of Georgia will be reaffirmed and interoperability with the NATO will be upgraded;

5. The goal of the Georgian Authorities is to deepen relations with the United States of America, as the major strategic partner and allie of Georgia, in compliance with the Charter on Strategic Partnership;

6. The Georgian Authorities will pay special attention to the development of relations in multiletaral formats within The United Nations Organization, The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, The Council of Europe, The Black Sea Economic Cooperation, GUAM and other international organizations’ formats; Georgia will not become a member of the international organizations, the policy of which is in contradiction with the foreign policy priorities of Georgia;

7. Georgia, as the responsible member of the International Community and supporter of international peace, will fully share the commitments in the fight against the challenges, which are facing the civilized world. The Georgian authorities will pay special attention to making important contribution in military missions, carried out for strengthening international security and stability, to the fight against terrorism and organized crime, as well as to the prevention of proliferation of mass destruction weapons, conventional weapons and military equipment;

8. Georgia, using the international mechanisms, will continue rational and principled policy towards Russia, which aims at minimasing foreign-political threats, strengthening of Georgia’s sovereignity, de-occupation, restoration of territorial integrity and facilitation of stability in the region;

9. By means of efficient and balanced regional policy, amongst them, cooperation with the immediate neighbors, Georgia continues to support stability in the region and to significantly contribute to the development of economic, social and cultural relations;

10. The prioiroty of the foreign policy of Georgia is to effectively use its geopolitical location, in order to create suitable conditions for transnational projects and to extend economic and other types of relations with the Eastern countries;

11. The prioiroty of the foreign policy of Georgia is to protect the rights and legitimate interests of the Georgian citizens abroad, strengthening the relations with the Georgian diaspora and a dignified return and reintegration of the Georgian citizens, residing in foreign countries, to their homeland;

12. The Georgian Authorities actively engage citizens and civil society in the process of implementation of the foreign-political objectives. The special attention will be focused on strategic communication regarding the country’s European and Euro-Atlantic integration in order to maintain the high level and informed support in the society towards the pro-Western course of the country.